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PALCLAD™ Antimicrobial PVC Wall Cladding System

Engineered and Hygienic Wall panels and accessories for interior walls and ceiling

PALCLADTM is a cladding system made up of engineered PVC panels and various installation accessories that ensure a clean, professional installation. The PALCLADTM system provides many mechanical benefits that simplify cleaning & maintenance and enhance long-term aesthetics, including exceptional resistance to impact, chemical substances, moisture, stains, and spills. PALCLADTM panels can be easily cut, formed and fabricated onsite while keeping their original physical properties intact. If you’re interested in adding more creativity to your project, PALCLADTM is also an excellent substrate for digital printing. So it can be used to create decorative walls covering that are attractive, elegant and visually appealing. 

Key Benefits

  • Complete cladding solution with colour-matched installation profiles or welding rods
  • Multiple colours & surfaces for a variety of design possibilities
  • Excellent for environments with high hygiene requirements
  • Withstands repeated cleaning cycles
  • High impact strength and fire resistance
  • Lifelong antimicrobial protection form microbes
  • Non-toxic

Our Process

PALCLAD™ Antimicrobial PVC Wall Cladding System

PALCLAD Engineered wall cladding system provides a practical, cost-efficient, and comprehensive solution for maintaining antimicrobial, clean and safe surroundings. The process of cladding is quick, dust-free, and suitable for covering large areas in a shorter time frame. The cladding complies with the highest global regulatory fire demand while providing excellent resistance to chemicals. The PALCLAD wall cladding system has been installed worldwide.

Its versatility extends to its application on any levelled surface: Tiles, Concrete, Metal and Wood with VOC Free Adhesives.


Antimicrobial Technology

The silver ions are added to the sheet at the time of extrusion. The distribution of silver ions is thus uniform throughout the thickness of the sheet.

  • Install Palclad Sheet
  • Approaching microbes touch the surface
  • Silver ions in the sheet act upon the microbes and arrest their process of mitosis rendering it inactive
  • The inactive microbes are removed from surface by everyday simple wiping routine

Why Palclad?

Digital Printing and Hot Bending?