Anaconda Inhalation Sedation Device

Product Description

AnaConDa is a disposable medical device which allows the administration of volatile anaesthetics (Isoflurane or Sevoflurane) and is connected between the Y-piece and ET-tube. The device has no electrical components and is MRI & CT scan compatible. It also acts as an excellent HME and contains a bacterial/viral filter. This version has a lower dead space of 50ml and can function with tidal volumes as low as 200ml.


The AnaConDa is used in combination with a ventilator, a gas monitor and a syringe pump.

The specially designed AnaConDa syringe (unique connector) is placed in a standard syringe pump. The AnaConDa is placed in the breathing circuit between the Y-piece and the ET-tube.

Liquid anaesthetic is delivered from the syringe through the agent line into the AnaConDa where it is vaporised within the device. The evaporated gas is transported with the inspiration flow from the ventilator and delivered to the patient.

The gas monitor samples the gas from the AnaConDa port and displays the exhaled anaesthetic concentration in Fet% or MAC values (which indicates the concentration of the drug).